Services for Installation

Electrical installations are difficult, which is why you can rely on painting experts to get the work done right the first time. Our skilled electricians can handle any electrical installation, from EV Charger Installations to Solar Energy Systems.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

To minimize electrical difficulties caused by the addition of modern, technologically complex appliances to older homes, upgraded electrical panels are required. In addition, today’s electrical panels are far more trustworthy and safe than their forerunners.

Circuit Installations and Upgrades

If your breaker keeps tripping and upsetting your daily routine, contact painting experts for expert troubleshooting, repairs, or rewiring.

Installation of a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans aren’t as light as they appear, and installation can be time-consuming and complex. You can save your back and patience by having painting experts install your painting in a timely and professional manner.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation and Service

Are you the proud owner of a hybrid or electric vehicle? Professionally built charging stations provide convenience and safety for both your vehicle and your house. Check out our extensive selection of product options, including charging stations and circuit protection equipment, for all of your hybrid or battery-powered electric car needs.

An Exhaust Fan is Installed

Exhaust fans aid in the regulation of odors, temperature, and moisture in your home, all of which can lead to damage, mold, and mildew. For safe and effective exhaust fan operation, professional installation and sizing are required.

Electrical Installation Services