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AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai-UAE by Painting Experts
What is the quality of the air you breathe?

If you live in an area where hot weather and sandstorms are common, so, it has been the norm for you to spend 90% of your time indoors and relies significantly on the air conditioner for good air quality. However, how clean is the air coming out of your air conditioner?

Your air conditioner can serve as a breeding ground for a variety of contaminants such as dust, mold, and bacteria, which can spread throughout your home and cause health, allergy, respiratory, and fatigue problems. A thorough AC duct cleaning is required in this case.

The most common reasons you’ll need to investigate AC Duct are as follows:

If your air conditioner isn’t chilling well enough, there’s a smell coming from it, or there’s water leaking from it, call a professional.
Because childhood asthma rates have climbed by 160 percent in the previous 20 years, annual AC duct cleaning in Dubai is not only advised but also required. Furthermore, a neglected air conditioner might cause foul scents 90% of the time. Cleaning your air ducts ensures better indoor air quality and a healthier living environment for you and your family.
What does it mean to clean the ducts in your air conditioner?
Many AC cleaning businesses in the UAE do not provide a complete duct and coil cleaning service, instead of relying on filter cleaning as a solution.

The AC duct and the AC unit make up the AC system. To avoid cross-contamination before reaching the vents, it is critical to clean both the main entrance point (main AC unit), which is the underlying cause of most of the difficulties you may be experiencing, and the AC duct cleaning.
The painting experts’ AC duct cleaning & sanitization treatment uses a 7-step process that covers the entire AC system and uses safe disinfection products to remove 99.9% of dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores that can cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses, as well as making your AC system run more efficiently, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Our comprehensive AC duct and coil cleaning service covers:
  • Supply and return grills.
  • Air supply and return ducts.
  • Air filters are a type of filter that is used to clean the air.
  • Duct cleaning and sanitization.
  • In the primary unit, there is a coil (in place for surface cleaning only).
  • The primary unit has a blower fan.
  • A drain pan and hose are required.
  • Cavity Volume.
  • Sanitization is now taking place in the main unit.
What are the advantages of having your air ducts cleaned properly?
  • Breathing becomes less difficult.
  • Sleep that is more restful.
  • Morning energy levels are higher, and energy bills are lower.

We recommend having your AC ducts cleaned completely once a year, with monthly maintenance appointments throughout the year.

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